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A versatile, multi-genre soprano, praised for her "crystalline soprano" and "tear-jerking performances", Amanda's enchanting presence graces stages worldwide. From commanding concert halls, to jazz clubs with her band, Citizen Kitten, to creating magic in the studio, she has earned critical acclaim in iconic venues like Radio City Hall, Dolby Theater, Hollywood Bowl, Apollo Theatre, and Tokyo Dome.


Contemporary composers recognize Amanda for her unparalleled ability to navigate diverse musical styles. Her rise to prominence in the gaming world, marked by emotionally charged collaborations with Masayoshi Soken for Final Fantasy XIV and XVI, has led to captivating performances at Final Fantasy Symphonies and Fan Fests globally.


In addition to these achievements, Amanda has had the honor of performing with Joe Hisaishi in his Studio Ghibli Symphony Concerts, adding another illustrious chapter to her musical journey. Amanda's unique talents shone as she worked directly with Neil Gaiman during humorous and musically-unconventional PR events for the release of "Good Omens."


Amanda's artistry is anchored in her mastery of classical repertoire, demonstrating finesse in works ranging from Mozart’s Requiem, to Carmina Burana and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem to the intricate nuances of Bach’s Mass in B Minor and Handel's Messiah. Beyond the classical realm, Amanda ventures into the world of contemporary oratorio, contributing as an original cast member in groundbreaking productions such as "Conference of the Birds."


Amanda's voice can be heard in blockbuster films and TV shows, including Frozen 2, Mulan, Birds of Prey, and The Simpsons. Her versatility extends to composition, with original music available on major streaming platforms.


Currently, Amanda is also a Twitch partner, where she engages with her audience through streaming sessions that include Final Fantasy XIV gameplay, interactive chats, and live musical performances. This additional platform showcases Amanda's dynamic talents and allows her to connect with fans in real-time.


A harmonious blend of tradition and innovation defines Amanda Achen's musical odyssey. Her journey continues to captivate hearts and inspire audiences globally, making her a true luminary in the world of music. 

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